Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017 "Sweet, Sweet, Chastity"


This week was a miracle! we were teaching the law of chastity to a progressing investigator family Joao and Cristina. During the close of the lesson they had the question of ``what about the payment we have to make for her to her parents?``

thats when i was just thought to myself ``oh my goodness.. i wish meque was here. (meque is a member that went through the trial of getting married without paying the wifes parents any money  and is now super strong and married ) 

and just as i thought that, what do you know... Meque himself walks right into our lesson... like.. WHAT THE ?! ... 

So that happened and then we finished teaching them about that and he shared his experience with Joao and Cristina. They committed to keep the law of chastity and prepare to get married so they can get baptized!!

so ill keep you guys updated on how that goes. Joao is the best. he has had a difficult life and just recently when HE FOUND US, he decided he wanted to change the way he was living and follow the gospel. since then he has changed many of his habits he developed over the years and has committed to follow and practice what we teach him. 

Mission is awesome. Serve one for yourself, there are other people waiting and depending on you!

love you guys! this week ill hit 5 months left! what is a mission!?

Elder Fuchs

pic of us doing internet right now
the baptism (felix)
some others who had baptisms also!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January 24, 2017 "Reactions"

Reading Mosiah 13 during this past week.

This is where the prophet Abinadi was taken as a prisoner because he was preaching against the king and the people telling them about all the things they were doing and how they needed to repent. 
As he was telling them of these things that they were doing in V.8 he says "yea, and my words fill you with wonder and amazement and with anger."

The prideful sinners of the world get amazed and angered when they are told the truth. To the prideful sinners, the truth hurts. Only if we humble ourselves when the truth comes can we allow our lives to change and to be shaped the way we need them to be. But how we REact to the situation, or the truth preached against us, is what makes all the difference.

v.10 "but this much i tell you, what you do... after this, shall be as a type and a shadow of things which are to come."

However we choose to react to the trials and things that happen in our lives is what will determine the things which are to come. Our "decisions determine destiny."

Choose to be humble. When we need to make changes in our lives in order to be living within the church standards just do it. "Yesterday you said tomorrow." 

Love u,

Elder Fuchs

i dont have any pictures of me, but here are some pictures of the missionaries in my house.

Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017 "Shots Fired"

Going out on sunday morning and we hear gunshots out in the streets infront of our house. waited a few minutes, and everyone was walking around like nothing happened. so we just went on with our day.

This week my comp elder mayeya was the one who fell in the water...twice, so i feel a lot better about myself now.

This week i notices how the book of mormon makes such a difference in our lessons. Showing them the answers in it, and sharing our testimony of it makes the difference. If they know that the base of a testimony is the book of mormon, then they can have more of a desire to read it!

The Book of Mormon is the fruit of the restoration. you cannot call the fruit good and the tree bad.
I know the book of mormon is true

Elder Fuchs

Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017 "Big News! Read This!"

Well... I was planning on writing you guys a really good email today, but the internet hasn´t been working and i´m out of time now so.. there really isnt any news i just wanted you guys to read this email.

Have a great week i guess!
 ill upload some pictures really quick though!

I got a new comp! here is a pic of us.

Pic of the baptism this last week.

Pic of Elder Brown cleaning out our water tank (full of nasty dirt in the bottom)

Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2, 2017 "Start 2017"

Baptism this past week went really well! Regina and her cousin Eclips. They are really cool and both really smart and its amazing to see who they have become sinse we first started teaching them! 

At first we were teaching her neighbor and she would occasionally stop by and sit for a minute and then go back to whatever she was doing. she didnt really like us all that much, but she didnt have much of a problem with us. As we kept teaching her neighbor she became a lot more comfortable with us when we visited with a member Joao. Joao and Regina are good friends from school and what not, so she sat with us. Ever since then she has gained a sincere desire to do what is right and has even stopped selling on sundays and given up some of her trials with the Word of Wisdom.

The Gospel can change us! 
With the start of a new year, many of us are already doing great things and living happy lives. We need to keep setting goals so that we can keep getting better and stronger. One of the most important goals we should set is sharing the gospel. Just a simple invitation can change someones life forever!

I got a new companion this week. president called and said that Elder Combs was going to be his assistant and he was leaving the next day. 
My new companion is Elder Mayeya from Zambia. he is super chill and a really nice guy!.. so far. 

Have a great start to 2017!
The year i get home!... (but i'm not trunky)

Elder Fuchs

Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26, 2016 "Black Christmas"

Inline image 2

Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016 "Wet"

Because of the rain, our area is now a river. 

It has been raining so hard this past week! usually we haven´t been in the area when it starts raining so that´s been a blessing, BUT we do have to wear boots everywhere. Wearing boots sucks. especially when you accidentally step into a hole and your whole leg goes in the water and you have a soggy boot the rest of the day.. (that happened yesterday)

The bright side is that the temperature has been a lot cooler lately.
We also had our Christmas zone conference!! it was awesome! and something that is even cooler is that this week we will be skyping our family and friends!! so if any of you wanna skype for a little, just email me your skype name! (sike, thats against the rules.) 

Other than that all i have to offer you guys this week is some cool pics and a Happy Christmas.

Hope you all look to find the deeper meaning and when you give a present, make it something not just with your money or time, but put yourself in it! 

"He who gives money gives some, he who gives time gives more, and he who gives of  himself gives all."
Thomas S. Monson

Elder Fuchs